Copper Pipe Sizes

Copper pipe is very popular for domestic water plumbing systems; copper pipe comes in various diameters or sizes. Copper pipe may be used where heat transfer is desirable. The copper pipe sizes will have an effect on the price. The larger the size of the copper the pipe, the more expendise it will be. However, certain size copper pipe must be used for a particular application. If the copper pipe size is too small, there will not be enough flow through the pipe. It is important to choose your copper pipe size carefully.

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Different copper pipe sizes can be purchased in many different places. Including building merchants and online stores. These copper pipe sizes can be delivered to your door.

Copper Pipe Sizes Information

The following links give information about each of the most used copper pipe sizes. From 8mm copper pipe to 28mm copper pipe. Other copper pipe sizes are available for different applications.

8mm Copper Pipe Sizes

10mm Copper Pipe Sizes

15mm Copper Pipe Sizes

22mm Copper Pipe Sizes

28mm Copper Pipe Sizes

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